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Do not turn around

Beckomberga was once the largest mental institution in Europe. Today, the past has been erased and upscale homes are built in the beautiful park.

Svante Levander has just moved in with his new young love. On his way home from the supermarket, he is stabbed to death. His former wife, Eva, has followed him that evening. It’s not the first time. She is arrested on suspicion of murder.

Only one person can testify to what really happened – a woman from Romania who sat begging outside the supermarket. She has disappeared without a trace.

To clear herself from suspicion Eva must find her. At any price. A long and complicated search begins.

When some kids discover the remains of several human bodies in a forest nearby, fear explodes in the neighborhood. It turns out that the dark history of the place is more alive than anyone had imagined. Läs mer

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Let Me Take Your Hand 

On the freezing night before the eve of Walpurgis, Charlie Eriksson falls to her death from a balcony on the eleventh floor of a high-rise apartment block in the Stockholm suburb of Jakobsberg. She leaves a chaotic life behind her, of drug abuse and shattered dreams.

A few hours earlier Riddarn, a scruffy tramp known for his delusional claims and wild conspiracy theories, has seen her outside a nightclub together with a threatening man. But who would ever believe in a witness like that?

The case is written off as a suicide by the police, as there are no signs of crime at the scene.

Helene has left Jakobsberg, broken all links to her family and distanced herself from her childhood: a mother who abandoned them and a father who drank too much. Läs mer

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Buried in Silence

Tomb of Silence takes place in the very north of Sweden, on the banks of Torne River which is the border to Finland. It’s ice cold midwinter, when a former cross country skier, the loner Lapp-Erik, is beaten to death in an old farm, isolated from the rest of the village.

In the meantime, further south, Katrine returns from London, where she has lost her job as a correspondent for Swedish Radio. She discovers that her mother has gone into dementia, and when going through her belongings she reveals secrets about their past that has been kept in silence for decades. It all leads to the northern village Kivikangas and further east, into the fallen empire of the Soviet Union. Läs mer

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Women on the beach

Terese from Sweden wakes up at dawn on a beach in southern Spain. As she stumbles down to the water she steps on the dead body of an African man. Under the cover of night a woman sneaks onto land in the neighbouring harbour. She was smuggled across the sea and has been saved from the waves. Her name is Mary, but not for much longer.

In New York, Ally is trying to get hold of her husband who is a well known freelance journalist. He is in Paris writing about human trafficking and slavery. Ally faces her fear of enclosed spaces and boards a plane across the Atlantic to find him. This takes her on a journey through the deepest dark of Europe, and into a confrontation with her own past. Läs mer

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