Do not turn around

Once Beckomberga was the site of the largest mental institution in Europe. Now the former asylum, with the beautiful surrounding park,  is turned into upscale homes.

The past shall be erased. 

Svante Levander, a seemingly successful consultant, moves into one of the fancy houses with his new and younger fiancée. Outside the panoramic windows, in the dark, they are watched by his ex-wife Eva, who believes that it’s not yet too late.

She follows Svante that evening, on his way to a late-open supermarket, when something hits her head. She wakes up to see her ex-husband on the pavement, stabbed by the very same knife she bought him for Christmas years ago.

Eva is arrested on suspicion of murder. It turns out she has been stalking Svante for a while. The only way to clear herself is to find the one and only witness to the murder: a Romanian Roma woman who sat outside the supermarket, begging for money.

The woman can’t be found. No one seems to remember her, if she even existed.

A journey begins, in desperate search for the truth, on the verge of the Swedish society, the undergrounds and the woods, and all the way to where the West ends, by the shores of the Black Sea.

Meanwhile, at Beckomberga, a man finds a human cranium under the bed of his 12-year old son. It leads the police to an unknown graveyard in the outskirts of the park, where more bodies are found. Fear explodes in the neighborhood.

The dark history is more alive than anyone could imagine.


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