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The Forgotten dead / Kvinnorna på stranden

Published in Sweden 2009. No 1 bestseller in Denmark and Iceland (2011/2012), and appointed 5th best literary book of the year in Denmark 2011. Shortlisted for Prix du Balai de la Dècouverte as best first crime novel of the year in France 2012 and for Prix des lecteurs at Ancres Noir, France, 2014.

Rights sold to:

UK, Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Estonia, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Japan, Israel and China.


Buried in Silence / I tystnaden begravd 

Published in Sweden January 2012. Appointed the second best crime novel of the year in Sweden. Shortlisted as best crime novel of the year in the Netherlands 2013. Winner of Prix du Balais d’or 2017 and Ancres Noir 2018, both in France.

Rights sold to:

Germany, Netherlands, France, Greece, Poland, Estonia, Denmark, Norway, Finland and China.


The disappeared / Låt mig ta din hand

Published in Sweden August 2014. Awarded Best Crime novel of the year in Sweden 2014. Shortlisted for Glasnyckeln, The Glass Key, as best Nordic Crime Novel 2014. Shortlisted for Elle Prix de Lectrices, France 2018.

Rights sold to:

Germany, Netherlands, France, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Estonia, Denmark, Norway, Israel and China.

Option for film and TV-rights, B-Reel Films, Stockholm.


Do not turn around / Vänd dig inte om

Published in Sweden August 2016. Number One in Swedish bookstores for two months following the release of the paperback in spring 2017.

Rights sold to:

Germany, Netherlands, France, Denmark and Norway.


Published in Sweden January 2019.

Rights sold to: Germany, France, Portugal, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Russia, Poland, Israel, Denmark, Norway and Iceland.

We know you remember/Rotvälta

Published in Sweden in October 2020. Appointed Best Swedish Crime Novel of the year by Swedish Crime Writer’s Academy.

Right sold to: US, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Russia, Israel, Japan.