The forgotten dead

Terese from Sweden wakes up at dawn on a beach in southern Spain. As she stumbles down to the water she steps on the dead body of an African man. Under the cover of night a woman sneaks onto land in the neighbouring harbour. She was smuggled across the sea and has been saved from the waves. Her name is Mary, but not for much longer.

In New York, Ally is trying to get hold of her husband who is a well known freelance journalist. He is in Paris writing about human trafficking and slavery. Ally faces her fear of enclosed spaces and boards a plane across the Atlantic to find him. This takes her on a journey through the deepest dark of Europe, and into a confrontation with her own past.

The forgotten dead is a black thriller about three women and three lives undergoing brutal change. Three paths will cross; leading beyond the influence of any law, where evil holds sway behind beautiful facades.

The story takes place in five countries and in the borderland of different worlds. Although this is fiction, a lot of what takes place in the book has happened in real life. Yesterday, today – and probably tomorrow as well.


Women on the beach are published in ten countries.
Film rights are sold to Dansk Film Kompagni.

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