Buried in Silence

Buried in Silence takes place in the very north of Sweden, on the banks of Torne River which is the border to Finland. It’s ice cold midwinter, when a former cross country skier, the loner Lapp-Erik, is beaten to death in an old farm, isolated from the rest of the village.

In the meantime, further south, Katrine returns from London, where she has lost her job as a correspondent for Swedish Radio. She discovers that her mother has gone into dementia, and when going through her belongings she reveals secrets about their past that has been kept in silence for decades. It all leads to the northern village Kivikangas and further east, into the fallen empire of the Soviet Union.

Buried in Silence is a page-turning crime novel that develops into a dark family chronicle, with strings back through the entire twenties century. It describes the human longing for a life worth living.


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