Do not turn around

Svante Levander is brutally stabbed to death on the rolling grounds of the former mental institution Beckomberga, now an exclusive suburban housing development. His ex-wife Eva finds herself the primary suspect. Eva may be emotionally unstable, but is she a killer?

Eva begins a searchfor the missing Roma woman who may have witnessed the murder and can clear her name. Her journey takes Eva from underground clubs in Berlin to the slums of Bucharest. Meanwhile, back at Beckomberga, a group of young boys make
a shocking discovery: human remains buried close to the crime scene. Are they connected to Svante’s murder? Or are they related to the hushed-up history of the Beckomberga mental institution? The police rev up a hunt for what may be a serial killer, while the residents of the park create vigilante groups to defend themselves.

Demons from the past stalk the present in this evocative thriller about obsession, insanity, and the hidden realities of lives lived between society’s cracks.

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