The Disappeared

A homeless man witnesses a young woman exiting a nightclub together with an aggressive man. That same night, Charlie Eriksson falls to her death eleven stories down. The tragedy bears clear signs of suicide, and the police write the whole thing off.

Helene, a successful architect, has left her chaotic past behind – or so she thinks. But when her sister Charlie dies, the carefully constructed façade crumbles. Helene learns that Charlie traveled to Argentina shortly before her death. The same country where their own mother went missing in the 70’s – perhaps as one of the disappeared in the Argentine military junta’s purge? Now Helene must travel to Argentina in search of the answers that may have gotten both her mother and sister killed.

The Disappeared is a captivating thriller that weaves a complex and lyrical story about love and loss – and how the past continue to cast shadows over the present.

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