You will never be found (Slukhål)

In the small mining community of Malmberget, north of the Arctic Circle, houses are being moved from the ground that’s quaking and cracking. The mine is swallowing up the town piece by piece, and people’s memories have collapsed into the huge pit named “the hole”. Only a few people still cling to their homes, persistently refusing to leave. Two workers making the last preparations before moving a house hear a sound from the basement. Could it be an animal? When they break one of the cellar windows, they find a terrified man curled up in a corner.

In Ådalen, 700 kilometers away, another man is found dead, starved to death, in a deserted house in the woods.

Police officer Eira Sjödin is thrown into the investigation.

Back home, Eira is packing up her mother’s belongings to move her into a nursing home for people with dementia. She tries to clear out her childhood home, and her memories. Her brother is in prison in Umeå, sentenced for manslaughter, a crime he has confessed but not committed. Eira has several loose flings to try to stifle her loneliness, but she is wholly unprepared for the feelings she begins to develop for GG, who is twenty years her senior – and her boss.

One morning GG doesn’t show up for work. Not the next day either.

In the dramatic second instalment of the High Coast Series, Eira Sjödin finds herself at the mercy of an elusive perpetrator – and of a love she can no longer deny.

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